Obtaining A Mental Edge Clinics

It has been fifteen years since we started doing our clinics and we are very proud of the response we get every year. They are designed to give you a number of hands-on methods that we have found to be successful on mules and horses. Even though we have geared our techniques more with mules in mind. We started out getting more horses than mules, now we have come full circle and now get mostly mules, but still leave our clinics open to you horse folk too.

We offer a combination of mulemanship and trail riding, with a cattle drive (mainly at the Fall Clinic) or a ride in the mountains, geared to cover just about whatever you might need. Plus you get the advantage of two clinicians to work with you.

We touch on basics, from tack to feeding, to what to look for when purchasing. With some time in the arena and round pen working on ground work, riding skills, getting a rein, stop and back, sensitizing and de-sensitizing, and dealing with scarry objects (de-boogerizing as we like to call it, then outside to our trail course and mounted games help to build a ton of confidence in you and your mount. All of this is geared toward getting respect and establishing a partnership between you and your animal.
Things vary from clinic to clinic but we try to make it a fun and relaxing time with a few meals thrown in.
We do private, semi-private and group clinics at all of our locations and all year long at the home base. Hey we are flexible and try our best to accomadate your needs.
                         IN THE COUNTRY!!!
Private session and Day clinics range in price, Starting at $40/hr.-$200/Day

At most of our locations, camping and turn out for your animals are available. Elecrical hook-ups, stalling or individual pens are limited, All at an minimal additional price
Plus we have mules and horses available to lease for the clinics and the trail rides. 

We have been training equines for 40 years, from the show world, to the race world, to one of the leading sale conditioners in the country and settling in on mules and horses, for the trail and ranch world. Personally I have to say, in my mind, mules are a true pleasure to work with compared to some of the horses I have dealt with in the past. Probably why we still start mules to ride.
We have a unique program and we are probably the most diversified and complete training facility in the US.
We put alot of emphasis on using the right tack to fit the animal, and tons of exposure. 
We have a unique pricing program, (call for details), we do ride a lot but we also put an a lot into some decent layoff time, so the individual gets used to reacting the same way when it has a few days off as it does when there is no time off. We know most of our clients don't ride everyday, so your mule or horse has to get used to that schedule too and has to realize that the same good habits are expected with one week off or two or three which leads into months in the future. 
Training a good miule takes time and dedication, as does training a good equine of any kind. Plus we want a partner that enjoys doing what we love as much as we do.