We have worked with thousands of mules, donkeys and horses over 
the years. So we have had the opportunity to try these items on a
bunch of all shapes and sizes and all manners and attitudes. 
I am not saying we are all-knowing authorities, as this is a business
based on opinions, but they have stood the test of time for us and 
have the most practical and versitile applications.
All of the listed below items are available through us, Some of the
items, such as the saddles, have features that are made specifically 
to our specs.
 Please call for pricing and availablity, if it is not already listed. Payment can be mailed by check at the address on the contact page or can be made through PayPal.
PRESENTING THE NEW:                                   "THE MENTAL EDGE CLUB"
A monthly program where we offer a segment for you to view online.
We will cover a different subject a month, covering a variety of the many topics we cover in our DVD and 
additional subjects, including Rein Management, Teaching your Mule how to neckrein, Tips on working Cattle and
Using Cattle to help your Mule learn different techniques and many more. 
$20/month or if you pay for a year in advance, $240.00 we will give you your 13th month FREE.

                                                                           "LESSONS ON LINE"
Got a topic you want some specific attention on, want some coaching on how to personally apply it. If you have access to video camera or phone, we can do it!! 
Instead of traveling to "The Ranch" for lessons, we can tackle most things on line!! Really!
$50/session  (email of call to find out what a session consists of)


       Products "n" Tack We Offer

             "Obtaining A Mental Edge" DVD
             A 5 disc, 7.5 hour set covering;
                      Purchasing a mule
            What to do when you get home
                      Nutrition and tack
    First rides, Sensitizing and Desensitizing
        Catching your mule, "Deboogerizing"
     Ground work and numerous riding drills
        to do in a small pen and on the trail.  
    $159.95 plus 10.00 shipping and handling